Embroidered Rawsilk – Zaria


Brand: Jazmin
Embroidered Rawsilk
Stitched Formals 2023

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Jazmin’s Stitched Formals 2023 Collection features the Zaria Black Saree as an exquisite piece of traditional South Asian fashion explicitly designed to appeal to Pakistani and Indian women in the US who wish to embrace their cultural roots with grace and sophistication.

Embroidered Supreme Raw Silk Blouse

The Zaria Saree features an exquisite ensemble incorporating an Embroidered Supreme Raw Silk Front Blouse with intricate detailing, combined with Dyed Supreme Raw Silk Blouse Backs that perfectly complete its aesthetics. Furthermore, its blouse boasts stunning Embroidered Supreme Raw Silk Sleeves to enhance its sophistication and classy design.

Digital Printed Embroidered Supreme Raw Silk Saree

The Zaria Saree stands out with its luxurious raw silk fabric, boasting Digital Printed Embroidery that adds modernity. Additionally, its captivating design is highlighted by an eye-catching Embroidered Saree Border, which makes an unforgettable impression.

Timeless Black and White Theme

Jazmin’s Zaria Printed Saree features an eye-catching color combination of elegant black and straightforward white to create an unforgettable piece that makes an impressionful statement at Indian weddings or other special events. The stylish contrast between these colors further amps up its lasting allure.

Benefits and Usage

The Zaria Saree from Jazmin is more than just another dress; it expresses cultural pride and personal style that represents your heritage in an elegant yet comfortable manner. Perfect for weddings, festivities, or simply making an impressionful statement at social gatherings, Jazmin’s Zaria Saree enables Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA to commemorate their cultural roots without compromising elegance, luxury, and comfort.

Experience the Jazmin Difference

As part of the iconic Jasmine brand, the Zaria Saree from Jazmin delivers exceptional quality and attention to detail that sets it apart from competitors. Rely on Jazmin to give you an engaging saree experience that will turn heads wherever it goes!

Stay true to your cultural roots while exuding beauty and sophistication with Jazmin’s Zaria Saree from our exclusive Stitched Formals 2023 Collection – don’t miss the chance to own this stunning piece today! Order it today!

Why Choose Zaria?

Look for your best formal style when you step out with Zaria from Jazmin’s Stitched Formals 2023 collection. Boasting an exquisite raw silk front blouse featuring exquisitely embroidered details and dyed supreme raw silk back and sleeves, this saree will put all eyes on you! Jazmin’s digitally printed, embroidered supreme raw silk saree has an extravagant border, making it the ideal piece for any special event or celebration.

Featuring black and white colors for maximum impact, you are confident to stand out among your fellow ladies in Jazmin’s creation! Zaria’s luxurious quality of embroidered raw silk fabric makes this saree comfortable to wear all day long, making it the ideal choice for Pakistani and Indian ladies in America who reside here or residing there! Check out the Jazmin collection today, and showcase these fashionable wedding sarees at any special event!

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