Brand: Jazmine
Saree Fabric:
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Chiffon Collection

Buy Aik Atelier EMBROIDERED CHIFFON – UC3019 Dress In USA Now!

UC3019 by Jazmine is a breathtakingly beautiful saree that features stunning ruby-colored sequin saree details on a timeless black chiffon fabric. This saree is part of Jazmine’s latest Chiffon Collection, which celebrates Pakistani culture with designer-inspired silhouettes and intricate embroidery.

Embroidered Chiffon Saree Pallu

The UC3019 saree comes with an embroidered chiffon saree pallu, which is lightweight and drapes beautifully across your shoulders. The embroidery is meticulously crafted by Jazmine’s skilled artisans, using high-quality threads and sequins that shimmer in the light.

Dyed Chiffon Saree Fall

The saree is accompanied by a dyed chiffon saree fall, which adds to the elegance and grace of the saree. The fabric is soft and flowy, and the fall is designed to complement the saree’s black saree.

Dyed Korean Raw Silk Petticoat

The UC3019 saree comes with a dyed Korean raw silk petticoat that is perfect for staying comfortable all day. The petticoat is made from high-quality fabric that feels gentle on your skin, and the dye used ensures that the color stays vibrant even after multiple washes.

Dyed Korean Raw Silk, Yoke, Front, Back & Sleeves

This beautiful saree includes a dyed Korean raw silk saree, front, back, and sleeves. The fabric is soft and comfortable and adds a luxurious touch to the overall look of the saree. The yoke, front, back, and sleeves are all adorned with intricate embroidery and sequin work.

Ideal for Pakistani Ladies Living in the USA

UC3019 by Jazmine is the perfect saree for Pakistani ladies in the USA. It’s designed to celebrate Pakistani culture and heritage, and the intricate embroidery work on the saree is a testament to Jazmine’s commitment to quality and excellence.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a beautiful and comfortable saree, UC3019 by Jazmine is the perfect choice for you. Its timeless design, elegant embroidery, and high-quality fabrics make it a must-have addition to your collection. Get your hands on this stunning saree today and experience the magic of Pakistani culture firsthand!