Embroidered Net – French Rose 03


Brand: Zarif
Embroidered Net
Afreen Collection 2023

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Zarif’s Afreen Collection 2023 presents its exquisite French Rose 03 Pink Saree as a stunning masterpiece designed to adorn chic Pakistani and Indian women living in the USA. Our captivating saree exudes grace, sophistication, and glamour, making it the ideal choice for attending Indian weddings and other opulent events.

Made of luxurious net fabric, the French Rose 03 Saree boasts intricate sequin embroidery on its front and back top, shirt front/back top, sleeves, and dupatta for an eye-catching display of shimmer and sparkle. Additionally, an eye-catching organza lace embellishment adorns its sleeves for additional elegance to this elegant attire.

Zarif takes excellent pride in infusing its designs with creativity and innovation, evident by our selection of an enchanting beauty bush color palette for this saree. This subtle hue lends an air of sophistication and grace that sets apart this stunning attire.

This French Rose 03 Saree features an intricate embroidered patti embellishment, adding a refined and tasteful flair to your ensemble.

Key Features of French Rose 03 Saree:

Luxurious sequin embroidered net fabric is used for the top and back, shirt front and back, sleeves and dupatta; magnificent sequin organza lace on sleeves and an exquisite beauty bush color palette create an opulent appearance.

Dressing in the French Rose 03 Saree from Zarif’s Afreen Collection can be an exhilarating experience for Pakistani and Indian ladies, not only exuding grace and charm but also reflecting Eastern fashion against your Western surroundings. When worn, this garment exudes poise and charm – just perfect to showcase Eastern culture alongside Western surroundings!

Why Choose French Rose 03?

Feel your best at any gathering when wearing our stunning French Rose 03 saree from Zarif’s Afreen Collection 2023. Designed to provide an elegant silhouette and incredible ribbon work detailing, this captivating garment will undoubtedly turn heads at every party you attend. This saree’s dress style exemplifies its unique craftsmanship – sequin-embroidered net for the front and back top, shirt, sleeves, and dupatta; sequinned organza lace sleeves to add sophistication.

In addition, a beautiful Embroidered Patti runs along its length for added charm! Zarif has utilized beautiful bush colors to give this Indian wedding saree its eye-catching appearance. Perfect for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA, our French Rose 03 saree will add the timeless charm you desire!