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Embroidered Chiffon
Stitched Formals 2023

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The Jazmin Stitched Formals 2023 Collection features the exquisite Deep Dahlia Saree as an embodiment of elegance and style, designed specifically to suit Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the United States. This luxurious piece is an impressive combination of our cultural history with modern aesthetics, making it the ideal choice for special events and celebrations.

Exquisite Embroidery & Design

Our Deep Dahlia Saree features exquisitely embroidered details on its blouse and saree, including an intricately stitched front, captivating sleeves, and contrasting dyed back information. Additionally, to further amplify its beauty, we added an embroidered border around both sleeves and blouse hemlines for added charm.

Unfurl your magnificent chiffon saree to reveal beautiful embroidery throughout, along with exquisitely crafted borders and the striking pallu that elegantly drapes across your shoulder, making you the focal point at any event!

Rich & Alluring Colour Palette

Jazmin has carefully selected a combination of grey and dark brown for the Deep Dahlia Saree, inspired by its mesmerizing hues, evoking Dahlia’s blossoming full bloom and creating an alluring visual treat for the eyes. These shades exude timeless sophistication, making you stand out in vibrant hues.

Sumptuous Chiffon Fabric

Crafted from premium chiffon fabric, our Deep Dahlia Saree provides unparalleled comfort and style. Crafted with lightweight yet luxurious material that beautifully drapes around your silhouette for effortless grace with every move, chiffon’s soft fabric offers an ideal base to craft statement Indian wedding sarees that exude class and elegance.

Comfortable and sophisticated chiffon fabric

Showcase your heritage while showing off your sense of style with the Deep Dahlia Saree from Jazmin’s Stitched Formals 2023 Collection. Be it an Indian wedding or a grand Pakistani event, this exquisite piece will ensure that all eyes will be on you for days. Make this unforgettable momentous occasion an experience to remember by adding this beautiful saree as part of your wardrobe!

Why Choose Deep Dahlia?

Deep Dahlia, Jazmin’s latest Stitched Formal collection, will transport you into a world of elegance. Don’t compromise comfort as you revel in all its beauty that Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA have come to appreciate.

From its beautiful dark-brown chiffon saree with intricate embroidery from the arms of the blouse to the borders of the saree border, meticulously stitched embroidery perfectly complementing its Chiffon fabric will leave an everlasting impression wherever you go – step into this elegant world and showcase both traditional and modernity together!

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