Embroidered Net – Black Affair


Brand: Zarif
Embroidered Net
Afreen Collection 2023

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Zarif’s Afreen Collection 2023 presents the Black Affair Saree as an epitome of elegance and sophistication for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the United States. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design techniques, this attire captures South Asian culture and lifestyle without losing the modernized attributes that empower women today.

Experience the magic of Zarif’s Black Affair Saree.

This exquisite saree has been meticulously designed to the last detail. It offers luxurious details such as its front and back top, shirt, and sleeves crafted with an exquisitely embroidered net for an enchanting, alluring appearance.

Organza Lace:

Delicately adorning the sleeves and four sides of the dupatta with organza lace adds a luxurious and refined aesthetic. Embroidered Patti and Small Pearls Adorning this saree with intricately embellished embroidered patti and tiny pearls creates an aura of royalty and sophistication that adds another level of refinement and magnificence.

Zarif has chosen an unforgettable and mesmerizing shade of dark jungle green for this saree, which perfectly complements all skin tones while symbolizing the magic and mystery of South Asian weddings.

Celebrate your individuality in style.

Black Affair Saree was created explicitly for confident Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA who want a timeless yet fashionable ensemble suitable for weddings, festive occasions, and formal events. Constructed from premium net fabric for ease of draping and comfort – you will surely stand out at any event you attend.

No longer hesitate to add this gorgeous Black Saree from Zarif to your wardrobe – its striking appeal will leave an everlasting impression! Take pride in your cultural roots while standing out from the crowd with this exquisite piece from Afreen Collection 2023. Get one now and experience its magic!

Why Choose Black Affair?

Zarif’s Afreen Collection 2023 boasts the eye-catching Black Affair saree as an eye-catcher! This captivating piece boasts intricate embroidered net detailing on its front and back top, sleeves, shirt front/back, and dupatta/pallu lace, while its dark jungle green hue beautifully emphasizes intricate details like the intricately detailed embroidered patti with miniature pearls adornments for an exquisite aesthetic.

Explicitly geared towards Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the US, Black Affair brings together traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion for a gorgeous aesthetic! Give yourself this piece or give someone special something they will never regret–Black Affair will make an exquisite addition to their wardrobe!