Esha Gupta’s embroidered saree is a perfect blend of traditional and modern

Esha Gupta's embroidered saree is a perfect blend of traditional and modern

Watch out, fashionistas! Bollywood’s Esha Gupta is redefining style, draping drama and sophistication in a saree that’s nothing short of a cultural masterpiece.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Designer Extraordinaire: Falguni Shane Peacock India’s creation on Esha is a white satin canvas of tradition and trend, brought to life with silver threads and sequins.
  2. Glamour Galore: The saree’s sequined border and graceful drape turn Esha into a walking art installation.
  3. Blouse Brilliance: A daring, full-sleeved, form-fitting blouse enhances the saree’s ornate narrative.
  4. Accessorize to Mesmerize: Esha’s sparkling accessories offer a masterclass in perfecting the bling game.
  5. Makeup Mastery: Soft, sultry makeup in pinks and silvers complements Esha’s ensemble without overshadowing it.
  6. Ready-to-Wear Wonder: Emulate Esha’s elegant look with similar ready-to-wear sarees from My Saree’s store. It’s time to drape, dazzle, and turn heads your way.

Esha Gupta Stuns in Designer Saree: The Ultimate Marriage of Tradition and Trend

A saree doesn’t just drape; it dramatizes. When Bollywood fashion icon Esha Gupta graced the Lokmat Most Stylish Awards event in an embroidered saree marvel, it was clear that this isn’t just clothing but a cultural canvas.

Fashion Label Extraordinaire

Esha’s saree, a creation by Falguni Shane Peacock India, was open to the details. Picture a flawless white satin canvas brought to life with peacocks and petals, all stitched into existence with silver threads and sequins. The motifs told tales of tradition while flirting with chic, contemporary geometry.

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Glamour on the Edge

The border? A sequined silver spectacle – because every timeless piece deserves its crown. This saree didn’t just hang; it hugged gracefully, elevating Esha’s silhouette into a walking art installation.

Blouse Game Strong

Pairing this saree’s extravagance was a full-sleeved, form-fitting wonder with a neckline that plunged deeper into style than most dare to swim. It wasn’t just a blouse but the ultimate partner-in-crime to the saree’s ornate narrative.

Accessorize Like a Star

With accessories, Esha channeled all things sparkle – a choker here, a diamond there, because no star should ever shine alone. Her ensemble was a symphony of embroidery and bling, delivering a masterclass in accessorizing.

The Final Brushstroke

Her makeup? A soft, sultry sonnet with blushes and brushes, delivered in pinks and silvers that knew exactly how to complement without stealing the show. Hair cascading in gentle waves was the final brushstroke to a masterpiece.

Esha Gupta’s saree is a fashion epiphany, a reminder that whether you’re strutting down the streets of NYC or making your grand entrance at a Miami gala, wearing tradition with a twist is more than just style. It’s making a statement without uttering a single word.

Ready to Wear

Are you craving to cloak yourself in similar elegance? The transition from awe to action. This saree and others that marry the classic with the contemporary are ready to wear at My Saree store. Drape, dazzle and make heads turn your way.

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